RaspberryPi with SM5100b GSM GPRS cellular shield


I am going to try porting my PC python script for interfacing to the SM5100b directly to the RPi instead of converting it to an Arduino program.

UPDATE: Wow… it was easier than I thought it would be. I was able to quickly get to the same level of functionality as that previous post in less than an hour. Here is the push message posted to Prowl app using the cellular shield by a python script running on the Raspberry Pi.

Updates project files should show up on my github soon.



9 thoughts on “RaspberryPi with SM5100b GSM GPRS cellular shield

  1. Very nice! I’ve always been interested to see this done. How did you connect the SM5100B to the Raspberry Pi? Did you just need the Rx/Tx connected from the SM5100B or did you require other pins? Thanks! :-)

  2. Just connecting the rx/tx lines was enough. But considering that we have a proper linux computer here, I could might as well have used a 3G usb dongle without going through all this trouble.

    Another thing I noticed is that I had to use high baud rates (115200bps instead of 9600bps) if I was interested in reading back the HTTP return data fully without any errors.

    • Thanks for your reply. I’ve reviewing your code and working with a clean Raspbian setup, I’m having issues setting up the COM port (which you use to initialize the modem). Are there any pointers that you could give on how you assigned the COM port to the RXTX GPIO headers of the Raspberry Pi?

      • There is some setup required before you will be able to use the serial port.

        You should find some pointers on how I setup my RPi here:

        I would suggest setting up a loopback echo connection (just connect tx pin to rx) for testing initially and use “minicom” to test it.

        After you get that work you can try the following in python:

        import serial
        ser = serial.Serial(port=”/dev/ttyAMA0″, baudrate=”115200″)

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  4. Hi there, just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all your help and tips, successfully using the SM5100B now with my Pi. :-)

  5. Hi guys. I would like to ask you if it is possible to tell me exactly the steps which you used to connect SM5100B with the pi. I connected the rx/tx lines, I have the power on but when I run the hwinfo(in linux) the system does not recognize it. Is there any problem with the connection or I have to do some steps before that? For example to install some drivers, to write some code etc?

    • Furthermore I read in some articles that rx-tx lines in SM5100B are not the pins 0 and 1(as SM5100B mentions) but pins 2 and 3. Is it correct?

      • Sorry about replying so late… here is how I connected it up:

        RaspberryPi arduino shield

        You will have to write your own code to interface with the cellular modem in addition to making sure that the serial port on the pi is not being used for boot up messages, see my previous post above.

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