Frosty Flake controller for Cooler Master Storm QuickFire Rapid keyboard

After a sudden brain wave last week I had been googling to see if anyone of the mechanical keyboard models had easily modifiable firmware and realized that the very keyboard I was typing on had a removable daughter board… and there was already a ATmega32U2 (note U2 & not U4) replacement controller available for it called the Frosty Flake.

I ordered one of these and will be documenting my changes to the firmware here. Here are a few photos of it next to the original board (thinner and flimsier).

I also decided to remove the top plastic cover on my keyboard to give it a more naked look and taped up the controller to avoid shorting it. I plan to make a transparent acrylic laser cut cover for the Frosty Flake.



PySerial not available for ActiveState Python 64bit free edition on Windows

If you install the free 64bit edition of ActiveState Python you will not be able to use pypm to download the pyserial package, as also listed here:

It works fine with the 32bit edition though. It seems like the 64bit editions of some packages are only available to customers with business licenses.