Basic testing the SM5100B

SM5100B GSM GPRS modem setup

The parts for the first phase have arrived and basic functionality of the GSM modem was tested and found to be operational. Here is a log of the modem receiving a phone call:

+SIND: 1
+SIND: 10,"SM",1,"FD",1,"LD",1,"MC",1,"RC",1,"ME",1
+SIND: 11
+SIND: 3
+SIND: 4

Here is a list of what I’m using:

  1. From SparkFun
    1. SM5100B Evaluation Board
    2. GSM/GPRS Module – SM5100B
    3. Quad-band Cellular Antenna SMA
  2. From EvilMadScience
    1. 5V, 3A Regulated Power Supply
  3. From BG Micro
    1. 2.5mm Jack To 2.1mm Plug

I also tested receiving SMS text messages but it seems that, they aren’t pushed over the UART. Instead I had to poll to check if I had received any new SMS messages.

+CMGL: 1,0,"REC READ","1511","12/09/09,00:29:11+00"
Welcome to T-Mobile! Dial #BAL# to check your balances. Your T-Mobile number is 1***412****
+CMGL: 2,0,"REC READ","+1***721****","12/09/09,01:14:02+00"
Hello, world
+CMGL: 3,0,"REC READ","+1***721****","12/09/09,01:16:33+00"
Hello, world 2

I am currently using this with a T-Mobile pay-by-the-day plan which gives me unlimited voice, text, and 2G data for $2 per day.

Next I am going to spend some time thinking about how I want to proceed.